Group Classes




   6 Week Spanish course (2 days/week)  $275.00 (+HST)

   6 week Spanish course (1 day/week)     $190.00 (+HST)



   6 week Spanish course (1 day/week)    $190.00 (+HST) 

Prior to the first class you may cancel your registration with no charge. Cancelling after the first class results in a partial refund (80% of tuition paid).  There are no refunds after the second class.  

The registration/materials fee is NOT refundable. Courses are confirmed based on registration and  Mayasol reserves the right to cancel a class if there is insufficiant enrollment.  In the event of a cancellation all students affected will receive a full refund.

Cancellation Policy

Group Classes


Private Classes


One student 60 min    $40.00   (+HST) (In School)    

Package of 10 hours:   $375.00 (+HST)


One student 60 min    $35.00   (+HST) (Online)    

Package of 10 hours:   $325.00 (+HST)


Semi-private class classes for 2 Students: (Online)

Package of 10 hours for 2 Students: $235.00(+HST) per student


Two Students:   

60 min     $55.00 (+HST) (In School) 

Package of 10 hours for 2 Students: $250.00(+HST)per student                  


Private class terms

Private session packages of 10 classes:  must be used within a two month period.  Pay-as-you-go classes must be pre-paid no later than 24 hours prior to class.

Cancellation Policy

 Private classes

A 24 hour notice is required for all cancellations. If no notice is given, students will be charged for the class

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