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Image by Gabriella Clare Marino


Our focus is to help you strengthen all four basic language skills- reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Our goal is to get you speaking Spanish quickly and Mayasol provides you with the ideal learning environment to do just that.


All of our instructors are highly qualified native Spanish speakers dedicated to teaching the language and to the success of their students.

Image by sydney Rae


As part of our unique curriculum we also offer Spanish Immersion Trips to Cuernavaca Mexico


"Excellent school! This is a great way to learn Spanish. I like the approach: we get to speak a lot in class and it's definitely a good thing - You need to speak it to learn it. I especially like the small classes.  This  creates a friendly informal atmosphere where everyone feels accepted, not intimidated, and we can each get enough individual attention.  I feel that the teachers pick the right pace, which, again is possible due to  small classes.  It's definitely good that we learn from native Spanish speakers: we not only learn the language, but cultural aspects as well which is very interesting.  I started level 1 with no prior knowledge of Spanish other than a few words and I can honestly say that I learned A LOT! Overall, a great experience! I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn espanol!!!"

Dale Boost

"I like the format. Two nights a week helps reinforce what I have learned. Two hours/night is perfect.  The written exercises are helpful for me to review on my own. "Me gusto la maestra" She repeated everything in Spanish which helped me get used to listening."


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